Pride and a Paycheck is a free publication in journal/news format reaching out to tradeswomen, friends, organizations and supporters. It can be downloaded directly from this site and printed for distribution. The articles and poetry are written by tradeswomen themselves. In addition, community and government employment agencies, training programs, schools and apprenticeship programs and  construction contractors can all benefit from subscriptions to Pride and a Paycheck. Past issues are to the left and on
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Within the pages of Pride and a Paycheck are the faces of women in the trades. Their words are work pieces. Their voices are fundamental tools serving the most useful purpose of telling the world what it’s like to be blue collar female workers. Their words are change agents working in the repair departments of human conditions. Pushing and nudging consciousness to higher levels of thought. Trashing the obsolete and dangerously backward ideas. Their bodies direct their words. Their actions shine a spot light on the future of women in the trades of any ethnicity and sexual preference. They are INSIDERS in their reportage. They tell it like it is….and they tell it like it should be. They recruit and support sisters from the INSIDE.

For the past fifteen years Pride and a Paycheck brought you their working class poetry and their personal testaments. This is the only place you could have read their inspiring creations.  Hundreds and hundreds of true worker-writer stories directly from shop floors, highways, train yards, truck stops and construction sites. These on-the-job work pieces are part of the blood and muscle fiber of tradeswomen’ very own hearts.

Pride and a Paycheck is proud to share their work lives with you but we need your help. Please consider a donation to Pride. After you check out all the pages of this website and download any and all of the currrent and past issues, you will find that it is worth keeping Pride in existance.
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NOTE: Go to page 4 (Articles/Stuff) for a review of Janet Zandy's new book: Unfinished Stories, The Narrative Photography of Hansel Mieth  and Marion Palfi for a surprise herstory of a photo that we all have seen!